Welcome to Monte Finance.

The value of Monte Finance lies on creating a passive income and store of value for our community.


Token will have a 3% fee on transfers, this will be stored and distributed to those who stake their tokens through DAPP.

By staking and depositing MONTE into our smart contracts, users will be able to withdraw ETH. ETH is the most valuable part of the Ethereum ecosystem, we want our supporters to be rewarded in this asset rather than tokens.

Stake MONTE tokens, receive ETH. Simple as that.

Token Model

Total Supply - 8,200

Presale Price - 10 tokens per ETH

Listing Price - 7.5 tokens per ETH

Marketing - 450 tokens


Pre-Sale Details

- Presale details: 200 ETH Softcap/ 550 ETH Hardcap
(min 1 ETH - max 10 ETH)

- Exclusive NFT's will be awarded
to presale participants February 27th, 2021 @ 5pm UTC

Audited contracts will be used, and presale will be held through safu.investments.

Make the most of spectacularly landscaped grounds that offer quiet leafy corners to relax in.


NFT meets passive ETH return

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